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Many travel plans require significant outlays of money a significant time before the time of the trip. Many situations can occur that force cancellation and a loss of the prepaid money. Travel Insurance can cover that loss for a small upfront fee. SFS has contracted with several insurance companies that offer this insurance.

Also, these companies offer international medical insurance that can supplement or replace domestic insurance coverage. They maintain international medical networks and offer coverage for evacuation if the medical condition requires coverage not available in the travel location.


Trip Insurance - pays to cover the prepaid travel expenses in case of cancellation of travel plans

Travel Medical Insurance - covers the cost of medical care while abroad on a specific trip. This also includes medical evacuation coverage when needed. The coverage is supplemental to US plans.

Global Medical Insurance - this is a major medical plan that replaces traditional US plans and provides coverage at home or abroad..

For further information on these plans, click on the company links, or below for plan descriptions.

International Plan Brochures


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