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Medicare is a government-provided program to provide basic medical care for seniors and disabled. There are private insurance programs that work with Medicare to provide additional coverage.

Medicare Supplement insurance covers deductibles and copays not covered by Medicare parts A & B. There are standard packages of coverage authorized by the government. Pricing is based on location and age. Many of the plans require no underwriting and some of the plans offer discounts in exchange for using certain hospitals. Most of the plans are very similar.

Medicare Part D plans cover prescription drug costs with government assistance. While it covers much of the cost of basic medications, its large impact is the coverage for high-cost drugs after meeting a deductible. There are standard government-defined plans, as well as plans designed by the insurance companies. Each plan has different pricing for medications, so it is important to check the coverage before purchasing.

Medicare Advantage plans are government-approved plans that offer HMO-like coverage for very low premiums. The government assistance is directed toward the plan and the premium cost reflects the lowered expenses from directing the client to certain contracted doctors and facilities.

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