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Scott Scherrer, the principal of Scherrer Financial Services, has been an active independent investor since 1976. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Mr. Scherrer develops and executes strategic and tactical financial plans on a personal basis. For some clients, we invest a client-determined amount into the stock markets. For other clients, their financial assets are allocated into different areas to provide a diversified investment profile and appropriate risk for the financial goal. Based on the client needs, SFS will provide the research, focus, and diligence to strive toward their financial  goal.  

For broader management portfolios, common stock investments are balanced with fixed income investments and annuities to reduce risk and provide needed income streams.  

Accounts are not handled by SFS. Investment funds are usually held at discount broker Scottrade. This can reduce commissions and provides real-time access to accounts and funds to the client.



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