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Critical Illness Insurance offers coverage that takes effect at the time of diagnosis of a listed illness. Typical covered illnesses are heart issues, kidney issues, and cancer. Cancer insurance specifically offers benefits upon the occurrance of cancer. The policies typically pay an unrestricted indemnity that the client may use as he sees fit. This kind of insurance is a nice companion to a high-deductible health policy since it can cover the deductible for a major illness which is a prime cause of high medical bills. The payment can also be used to cover family expenses while adjustments are made to accomodate the illness. Premium rates are usually very standard with little underwriting.

Scherrer Financial Services offers critical illness and cancer insurance from several companies, and can help find others that might be appropriate.

Investment Advisory services are not performed by the following companies


Critical Illness Insurance

Cancer Insurance

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Naperville IL 60565


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AIG American General Life

American General is the marketing name for the insurance companies and affiliates of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), which comprise AIG’s Domestic Life Insurance Operations
Mutual of Omaha
United American
Sentinal Security