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About Scott Scherrer

Scott was raised in the Chicago suburbs, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from University of Missouri at Rolla, and worked 28 years for Commonwealth Edison Company and its successors. While his upbringing was middle class, his parents and grandparents gave him much wisdom learned during the Depression and in working and owning small businesses. The value of saving and thrift was taught often at home, and Scott and his brother were given stock investments while still in elementary school.

After starting employment and saving money, Scott began investing in stocks in 1976. His stock broker gave him a published list of stocks to buy, but no real help in deciding. Scott began reading the Wall Street Journal, watching Wall Street Week, reading Peter Lynch, and developing his own criteria for selecting stocks. He soon decided to invest on his own and started using a discount broker. He developed his methods during the market doldrums of the late 70’s and has a value-oriented approach.

In the 1980s, Scott developed a close friendship with a pension fund manager. Through this friendship, Scott was able to learn a lot about how markets work, what are good sources of information, how major investors deal with markets and corporations, and market theory and how it works in real life. Scott applied this knowledge in his own investing and starting doing direct research at the SEC offices rather than relying solely on broker research reports.

Great tools were made available to independent investors during the 1990s. The SEC files that were on microfiche were now accessible online at www.sec.gov. Most companies developed their own web sites.  Discount brokers moved to Internet trading with lower commissions and real-time quotes with exposed bid and asked prices. Charts did not have to be created by hand. Executions were quick and easy. Scott took advantage of the new tools and access to be able to do more complete research and more precise execution. Generally, the 1990s were a good time for stock market investments and many people began investing on their own following recommendations of those that had never been in a bear market. Scott kept his focus and continued to buy value stocks. While not finding Microsoft or Google, Scott was able to make consistent returns in good and bad markets.

At the end of 2004, Scott left Exelon after 28 years. Scott passed the tests to get licensed to produce life and health insurance in Illinois. He determined that the best use of his skills for customers would be to become an independent agent. He then proceeded to apply for appointments with insurance companies that support independent agents. He has attended industry training sessions and taken continuing education classes to increase his knowledge of the products, companies, and customer needs.

Besides managing his own investments, Scott has managed family investments. Scott studied and tested to become a registered investment advisor. He passed the Series 65 exam and was registered with the state of Illinois in early 2005. He now manages investments for others, specializing in mid-level sized portfolios.

The combination of insurance and investments gives Scott the ability to look at clients' financial situations and make recommendations objectively. Using access to different sources of products and information, he can apply basic principles of investing, saving, reducing risk, and stewardship to improve the financial situation of the client.

619 Harlowe Ct
Naperville IL 60565