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About SFS

Scherrer Financial Services (SFS) is an independent insurance agency and a registered investment advisor.  With that combination and experience, SFS is in a position to provide deep analysis on a client’s financial health and goals and offer various solutions and strategies not tied to any one company or industry. Utilizing the research capabilities on the Internet, SFS is able to obtain a wide variety of quotes on insurance products and obtain financial statements and
news on companies worldwide.

The principal of SFS is Scott Scherrer.  He has been an investor since 1976.  Scott Scherrer uses a value-oriented approach to selecting stocks for investment.  The goal of this approach is to reduce downside risk and provide steady gains.

SFS is also an independent insurance agency.  We offer a variety of insurance products from many of the leading insurance companies.   We do the research to find the products that fit the requirements of the client.  We also can offer suggestions for products that clients might not be familiar with that can help the clients meet their goals. 

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Naperville IL 60565